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MuOnline Season15 Play to Win NEWLY OPEN

Member Since: 2017-03-01 07:13:39
MuOnline Season15 Play to Win NEWLY OPEN

[Exp 1000x][FREE Excellent Set and Weapon for Each Character][FREE Muun][FREE Pentagram][Idle System FREE Offline Farming][FREE WCoin Hourly][Earn GP from Events][All Class Available From The Start][WCoin GP Reset Rewards][No FO][Balanced PvP][Vote with GP Rewards][Stable Server][Come and Join Us!]

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our MuOnline project called
Exp: 1000x[/li]Drops: 50x[/li]Chaos Machine and Jewels Rates : Default[/li]Lots of Spots with 3 times more monsters then normal and low respawn time for most mobs (Does NOT applies to Bosses)[/li]All Classes unlocked by default from level 1[/li]FREEbies:Excellent +9 Set Armor and Weapons and 2nd Wings/Capes[/li]Muun[/li]Pentagram[/li]FREE WCoin Hourly[/li]MuHelper it's FREE to use for unlimited time[/li]Idle System (AFK Farming) command is /idleon and it's FREE to use for everyone, maximum duration is 12 hours[/li][/li]Goblin Points can be earned from Votes and Events Completion[/li]
We would like to take a bit of time and explain what we are and what we are trying to do.
We want an experience similar to the official but without the paywall and on a faster pace[/li]We want players to have a sense of achievement when they find a suitable item or if they manage to beat a hard boss[/li]We want to offer a way for those who are busy to keep up with the game to a degree through our Idle System, which works similarly to an Idle Game. However, it's not available in events and some specific maps.Idle System it's basically FREE to use, with a minimal fee of 1 zen/hour. It can have a maximum 12 hours duration from the moment it has been started![/li]Idle System will allow players to leave their characters playing while they sleep or they are at work without the worry of running of coins as the characters picks up specific items (Excellent, Sockets, Ancient, Jewels and Zen)[/li][/li]
Our Reset System doesn't rewards extra stats points, it's used mainly to gain Goblin Points and WCoins also Gens Contributions and RuudPlayers can reset their character once it reaches normal level 400[/li]Our Reset System will not reset the Mastery Level so we recomend to level up first Master to max before starting to level reset[/li]Resets Rewards are based on how many resets your character has:1-20 resets = 10 GP 10 Rud 5 Gens Points for each reset[/li]21-40 resets = 14 GP 20 Rud 10 Gens Points for each reset[/li]41-60 resets = 18 GP 30 Rud 15 Gens Points for each reset[/li]61-80 resets = 22 GP 50 Rud 20 Gens Points for each reset[/li]81-100 resets = 30 GP 10 Rud 50 Gens Points for each reset[/li][/li]There are also milestone reset rewards, when players reach a milestone will receive the following additional rewards21 resets = 5 WCoin 60 GP 120 Ruud 10 Gens Points[/li]41 resets = 10 WCoin 80 GP 190 Ruud 12 Gens Points[/li]61 resets = 15 WCoin 100 GP 260 Ruud 15 Gens Points[/li]81 resets = 30 WCoin 120 GP 330 Ruud 17 Gens Points[/li]100 resets = 35 WCoin 140 GP 400 Ruud 20 Gens Points[/li][/li]Once they reach 100 resets players can do a Grand Reset in our website which will give them 1 Grand Reset and 100 WCoins as well the ability to start again the level reset process[/li]Players can do unlimited Grand Resets[/li]Level resets will costs 5m zen at start, the fee increases with each level reset you do by 1x[/li]Grand Reset has a fix fee of 100m zen[/li][/li]
Our version is Season 15 Ep 1-3, and it includes all the systems and contents that come with it using off course official rates/settings.[/li]Our PvP server acts as an official PvP server though Devias map its free PvP, which means there is no punishment for anyone doing PK there.[/li]Our PvP is as balanced as the official is, with no extra points besides the default.[/li]We hope to bring a fun environment for the players.[/li]See you in-game!
* reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove any of our servers features, rates or FREEbies without prior announcements or notifications!

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